Android app for reading ISO15693 tags with 10% modulation depth

  • I read a lot about how to develop an Android app that can read ISO15693 transponders. As far as that is all possible and there are a lot of ready-made apps in the PlayStore that do this task.
    If you look at the reading process with an oscilloscope, you will notice that every available app, that I have downloaded, always uses 100% modulation for ISO15693 transponders.
    We have developed a special "ISO15693" transponder that can be read wonderfully with our own readers. These readers are all set to use 10% modulation.
    I would like to know, is there a way to develop an Android app that can read ISO15693 transponders with 10% modulation depth? Is there a parameter in any ISO15693 class that selects this setting?
    I am very grateful for any help

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