Mount Android Device to Windows 10 as Drive with full file system access

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  • Mount Android Device to Windows 10 as Drive with full file system access

    Hi there,

    I vaguely hope this could be the right forum to ask this kind of question...

    I can't figure out how to mount an android device to Windows 10 as a 'normal' drive with full file system access. Background is to have Recuva (or similiar file recovery software) trying to recover some deleted files on a connected Android device. The Android device shows up and I can access the files via explorer at "This PC" -> "ONE E1003" but I can not figure out any Drive or Path it's mounted to. Therefore I cannot pass the path into Recuva and Recuva can't find the Android device by itself (probably due to not being mounted to Windows properly).

    So - I need to do one (ore maybe multiple) of the following
    • Access the file path of any device shown below "This PC"
    • Enable Recuva (or any other Software) to find the Android device
    This is my setup on the PC:
    • Windows 10
    • installed "SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile Phones" (Version
    • Additionaly I get a mounted "CD-Drive" on System-Drive "J:" called "OnePlus Drivers". It provides some Driver-Installation Files (I tried those but couldn't get it to work with that drivers either).
    This is my setup on the Android device:
    • Android Version 6.0.1
    • Android securitypatch-level: 01.11.2016
    • OxygenOS-Version: 3.1.4
    • "USB-Debugging" is enabled in developer options
    When connecting the phone I chose "MTP" as file transfer option (chosing other options doesn't solve the problem)
    I have no further ideas on how to let a Data Recovery Software run on the devices file system.

    Any ideas are highly appreciated :)