Daylight Clock: Sunrise/Sunset Widget

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    • Daylight Clock: Sunrise/Sunset Widget

      Meine neue app: Daylight Clock: Sunrise/Sunset Widget
      Ich denke gerade über neue Funktionen/Änderungen für das erste Update nach, also wäre ich über Feedback sehr dankbar!
      Sie ist komplett kostenlos und ohne Werbung.
      Die Beschreibung ist leider bisher nur englisch, aber das Prinzip ist einfach zu verstehen:

      Display the time in an unusual way and get a better understanding of day and night.
      It's essentially a modern take on the sundial but displayed as a progress bar.

      Depending on the time of year and location the amount of sunshine changes a lot.
      The app calculates the sunset and sunrise from coordinates, date and time zone.
      You can use your GPS sensor or search in a list of over 50,000 cities.

      - Plan your day ahead and get everything done in time before it's dark.
      - Compare different travel destinations.
      - Check the time phase before an international phone call.
      - Take the best photos of dusk and dawn.
      - Be ready for nightfall when you go camping or hiking.
      - Adjust your internal clock to align your circadian rhythm with darkness and daylight.
      - Prevent a vitamin D deficiency and winter depression/seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

      The following points in time are supported:
      - Official sunset/sunrise (the center of the sun is exactly aligned with the horizon)
      - Civil twilight (you probably don't need any lights outside)
      - Nautical twilight (good for navigation because it's dark enough to see stars but also bright enough to see the horizon)
      - Astronomical twilight (the best time for observing the sky because it is completely dark)

      It comes with a handy widget for your homescreen too.
      It's free, no ads and no internet connection necessary - so try it out!